General Integrationcourse in the morning 2020

The general integration course in Munich in the morning is the first step to a succesfull integration in Germany. You need good didactics, an experienced approach and well-trained teachers to successfully learn the language within a set period of time. The general integration course at is based on expert knowledge to allow you to optimally prepare yourself for the official B1 certificate (Telc).
The course takes place in the morning, monday to friday from 9 AM to 12.15 PM. The general Integration course is split in 6 modules and the orientation course, in order to cover the individual language competence of each participant. You will start with module 1 followed by module 2 wich corresponds to the level A 1. In order to attain the language level A 2 you will have to attend module 3 and 4. The contents of module 5 and 6 are neccesary in order to get you prepared for the final examination B 1. The orientation course will prepare you for the last examination “Life in Germany” (LiD) which takes place right after the orientation course.

The teaching material used are the books recommended by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). The books are designed so that you can use a course book in the course and practice with the workbook at home. You can order the books directly from our own publisher.

Our classrooms are new and modernly set up.

Here are the important dates:

Basic Language Course
Module 1


Module 2


Module 3


Advanced Language Course
Module 4


Module 5


Module 6


Final Examination B1 on
Orientation Course
Module 7

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Final Examination “Life in Germany” (LiD) on

Every participant who wishes to attent the general integration course at must be tested to determine said participants current knowledge of german. You were either already tested by another provider and can hand in the original result, or you can take the test directly at our office building. The result will help determine which course module you should begin with.
The assessment test is possible at any time by prior appointment.
We are happy to adivse you on site. Classes don’t take place during official bavarian school holidays. Parents don’t need to worry about their children in the holidays because they spend their holidays at home. You will attend the course in the morning and can take care of your children from noon onwards during regular schooldays. Module 1 starts on xx.xx.2020, ends on xx.xx.2020 and lasts a total of 100 lessons.
This module is suitable for those who are already literate, but do not yet have sufficient basic knowledge of the German language.
You will get to know general phrases from everyday life and work. You will also learn the days of the week, times, seasons and much more to gain a basic vocabulary. Module 2 starts on xx.xx.2020, ends on xx.xx.2020 and lasts a total of 100 lessons.
In this module, the basic vocabulary is repeated and extended, grammatically correct sentences are formed and many exercises with situations from everyday life are carried out.
In this module, great emphasis is placed on speaking and repeating individual sentences over and over again. Module 3 starts on xx.xx.2020, ends on xx.xx.2020 and lasts a total of 100 lessons.
In Module 3, the first fluent conversations are practiced with the participants and the grammar is being further developed. This module ends the basic language course. Module 4 starts on xx.xx.2020, ends on xx.xx.2020 and lasts a total of 100 lessons. Module 4 is the first module of the advanced language course.
After finishing this module you will achieve the level A 2 and are ready to get prepared for the final examination B 1 in the final two modules 5 and 6 of the advanced language course. Module 5 starts on xx.xx.2020, ends on xx.xx.2020. In this module too, a total of 100 lessons are carried out. This is the second module of the advanced language course with the level B 1.1. Module 6 starts on xx.xx.2020 and ends on xx.xx.2020. Module 6 will prepare you for your officially recognized final examination B 1. This module is the last module of the advanced language course and thus, of the complete language course which ends with the telc exam DTZ – Deutschtest für Zuwanderer. By successfully passing the final exam you’ll reach level B 1 respectively A 2.The telc Exam DTZ – Deutschtest für Zuwanderer will presumably take place on xx.xx.2020 on site and takes around 4 hours overall (Written part and oral part).

telc Prüfung allgemeiner Integrationskurs

The Orientation Course is expected to start on xx.xx.2020 and end on xx.xx.2020. The exam “Life in Germany” (LiD) on xx.xx.2020 will take place on site afterwards. This test concludes the general integration course. Successful participation will get you your certificates DTZ – Deutschtest für Zuwanderer (A 2 / B 1) and LiD – Life in Germany.

In case of failing the exam, you can, in certain cases, request a repetition of Modules 4, 5 and 6 (Advanced Language Course). We are happy to assist you with the application.

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